Ave de Berrange 6a


Project Details

PROJECT NAME: Ave de Berrange 6a
LOCATION: Fresnaye

John Fraser Frame-Tolmie (architectural designer, Framework Design), Neill Marsilio (contractor, Phase Three Development Company), Glenn Mullock (site director, Phase Three Development Company), Kyle Roux (interior décor)

Key suppliers:
Ground Floor Lighting, Tilt Screens, Beauty Fires, Meir, Geberit, Deca

Project Brief

The aim for this project was to reimagine the small and uninviting living space into a truly exceptional entertainment area where the clients could host their friends and family. The bedrooms and bathrooms were also renovated to uplift the whole feel of the house.

“We were blown away by the expertise of the team at Phase Three. As this was a large renovation there were many unexpected challenges that they easily overcame. Phase Three are definitely one of the best building contractors Cape Town has to offer!”

Ave de Berrange 6a


The clients wanted to include natural raw elements into the home to give it a truly organic feel. We took inspiration from the forest and from water and brought it all together in a structured way so as not to lose the contemporary feel of the house.


As this was a fairly large renovation and a technical one at that, there were many unanticipated problems that arose throughout the project. However, the team came together with their combined expertise in order to execute the design as best as possible in order to deliver the end result the client expected.